RIU Ocho Rios COVID-19 Testing

RIU Ocho Rios COVID-19 Antigen Testing


  • Persons are to arrive up to 5-10 minutes before their scheduled appointments.
  • Persons should have on a surgical mask and place over nose and mouth
  • Perform hand hygiene after putting on a mask and prior to entering.
  • Lines may only consist of 3 persons who are 6 feet apart
  • All other persons will be asked to return at the scheduled time
  • If you test outside of your scheduled appointment time you will have to cover the cost of your COVID-19 test which is $50USD. Please only select ONE APPOINTMENT PER PERSON
  • If no testing slot is available for the date that you must test, please inform the front desk so that arrangements can be made

Antigen results are available by end of test date.


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